The team of industry experts at Integrity Solutions helped develop some of the industry’s first pipeline facility risk models and integrity analysis software tools.

With a full spectrum of knowledge behind them, the software development team at Integrity Solutions provides operators and our engineers with practical tools for assessing and managing pipeline system integrity.  

Pipeline & Facility Integrity ManagerTM
Integrity Solutions’ Pipeline & Facility Integrity Manager (PFIM) risk analysis model incorporates the simplicity of an index risk algorithm with improved NewGen variable computations developed by W. Kent Muhlbauer.

Anomaly Data ManagerTM
Integrity Solutions’ Anomaly Data Manager (ADM) analysis tool allows operators to manage the data generated through single or multiple integrity assessments conducted on pipelines, including inline inspection, pressure test or direct assessment.

Integrity Solutions’ Safe Seam analysis tool allows operators to evaluate remaining life and reassessment intervals for pipe that is susceptible to the long seam cracking threat.