Why work with us?
The Integrity Solutions’ team is unique in many ways: we’re a group of self-directed individuals working in a flexible environment geared towards results, not just clocking hours. We offer a wide-range of interesting and challenging projects related to the integrity of oil and gas pipelines and their related assets.

At Integrity Solutions, telecommuting is a strategy and a perk.
Integrity Solutions attracts top talent Рsome of the smartest and most experienced engineers in the industry work with us. Because our standards are high, we strategically built a virtual component to our company that allows us to engage talent where they live, not just where an office is located.

It’s a strategy that benefits our clients too, by making industry experts available where needed throughout the U.S., to tackle their most challenging pipeline integrity management problems.¬†

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Our bench of pipeline experts is deep and wide- with decades of combined experience within varying areas of regulatory compliance, risk management, and integrity analysis expertise.